Friday, 15 May 2009


i spent the last two days idling in front of the big screen tv when the whole silat team are training for MASUM. it's fun watching tv especially with this cousin of mine. but i know, later i'll be in big trouble if i'm not fit enough i got fever. not a very good time for a fever i must say. i only go for training for a day and the next day, the temperature is 38.5. after spending three days of torture at the hostel, i took a two day leave and stay and my aunt's house. and i'm feeling better. i should came out with this idea sooner though. staying at nilam court is undescribable. finding food to eat is the biggest issue. and i don't really like the idea of training at the pavillion. i'm going there back this evening. on may 17th, we're going to UUM. i spent two weeks of my holiday here, and i hope it's worth it. well, next time i'm sure i'll just spend my holidays at home. it's more fun. i learned my lesson.


  1. Sebab itu lah kami x nak g MASUM dah.. hehe (^_^)

    Abg mael mencari2 " Mane syairah?"

    Bwk balik medal insyaAllah.. boleh2..

  2. firdaus - abg mael tau la saya pegi mana..hehe tahun depan nak main lagi. i'm addicted to sparring. nak tolong saya training??(tgh fikir nak mintak tolong sape pegangkan anak gajah)

    k. aisyah - syukran. hehe dah selamat sampai rumah pun. jumpa nanti 2 minggu lagi.semoga kita semua selamat sampai ke tahun 4

    munsyi - yup, silat