Sunday, 3 February 2019

Homemade essential oil soap!

I started making soap with essential oils. Essential oils smell nice and there are the benefits of the particular essential oil. I love homemade soap as it provides me with the benefit of essential oil and doesn't dry my skin like the store-bought soap. I've been selling my soaps to my friends and they are my repeat customers.

Most people would be asking the difference in using commercialized soap and homemade soap. Store-bought soap tends to dry and irritate skin as it has an abundant of chemicals and detergents. Meanwhile homemade soap is very well tolerated by sensitive and problem-prone skin. The reason is simple as homemade soap consists of base oils, butters, lye, and additives that are usually from a natural source. Almost any natural additive can be added to homemade soap to treat various skin conditions and complaints while reducing unnecessary chemical intake, resulting in beautiful skin.

True soap is very basic. It consists of oils, lye, and water. Glycerine is the primary component in real soap that traps moisture. Glycerin is created during the process of making handmade soap, also called saponification. Most commercial manufacturers eliminate glycerine so as to use it in skin creams and lotions. Other chemicals are then added to replace the removed glycerin. What we end up buying is a bar of chemicals that irritate and disrupt the skin's natural balance.

Natural homemade soap is not bubbly like the commercial soap. It is creamy and lathery as it cleans your body while retaining your skin moist. Glycerin, a natural humectant that occurs naturally during the saponification process is retained in the finished product. It helps retain moisture in the skin. There are lots of glycerin in handmade soap which makes them naturally hydrating.

Homemade soap is also a lovely choice for gifting as they can also be beautiful. If you are interested, please visit my shopee store at

Lavandin Elemi soap is good for skin

Lavender soap for relaxing

Rose Geranium is uplifting and calming

Saturday, 2 February 2019

My new discovery of Plant Therapy essential oil

There are two problems that I always encounter on a daily basis. One is rhinitis where I get runny nose and stuffy nose in cold weather or air-conditioned area. Another one is difficulty with falling asleep.

I used to have Vicks vapor rub with me to help with nasal congestion. I've been using it for a long time and it feels like it's not working for me anymore. On top of that, it was costly and there are some controversies regarding petroleum jelly usage. So I've been looking for alternatives.

I always have trouble with falling asleep. Lots of tossing and turning before I actually fall asleep, and sometimes that took me around 30minutes to 1 hour. I tried many things to help reducing the time for me to fall asleep.

I've been seeing people promoting essential oil, but I have never approached them. Then I met a friend who uses essential oil and she kindly addressed my questions regarding essential oil before she asked me to do my own research.

Essential oils are expensive, and in Malaysia people are prone to MLM companies like Doterra and Young Living. With the help of internet, I found a non-MLM company named Plant Therapy. It was cheaper and the customer service is great! They also provide free shipping with a purchase of more than $50. It took 3-4 weeks for the package to arrive, but I wouldn't mind since I'm not paying for the shipping fee.

I've been using essential oil for months and I think it works for both problems. My favourite is Respir Aid synergy for my rhinitis and a blend of Vetiver, Cedarwood and Ho Wood for sleep. I also use Rosemary in my shampoo to help with hair growth. I make my own facial serum with Neroli, Blue Tansy, Frankincense Frereana and Geranium.

Taking an extended step, I am currently making my own bath soap with essential oils as fragrance. The essential oil works as natural fragrance and provides essential oil benefits. Lavender soap is good for relaxing and calming bath. Lavandin and Elemi is good for skin issues. I sell my soaps to my friends and they are repeating customers.

So far, I'm enjoying my journey with Plant Therapy essential oil as the price is more affordable as compared to MLM companies.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Spring Adventure 2015 - part 4

This is a bit late though...but better late than nothing right?! Hehe

Sayonara to our lodging in Shinjuku

Our next destination is Kawaguchiko, one of the Fuji 5 Lakes. Fuji 5 Lakes are famous spots for viewing Mount Fuji as they are located at the foot of Mount Fuji. April is off season for climbing Mount Fuji, and the official climbing season runs from July to August. My sister and I planned to hunt for views from the foothills around the Lake Kawaguchi. At this time of year, the view of snow-capped Mount Fuji and sakura is astounding.

Snow capped Mt Fuji

We bought bus ticket for Fujikawaguchiko which departs at 2pm. So we said hello to Tokyo Tower before getting on our bus. We kept our luggages in the lockers available at the train station before heading towards the Tokyo's landmark.

The bus ride was quite okay actually. We kinda enjoy the sceneries from the bus window

More cherry blossom

Everybody on the bus was euphoric upon seeing this

The Fujikawaguchiko station; small yet cozy

 As we arrived to the bus station, we were picked up by the van sent from our lodging 

Lake Villa

Mount Fuji can be seen from the window

The driver helped with our luggages

It was a 2-storey house, fit for a group of 6-8 people I would say

3 beds 

5 futons

First thing on the list was photography session with Fuji-san. We went to Kachi Kachi ropeway for a view from a higher ground. We never thought that was the only chance we had, good thing we didn't laze around in the lodging that afternoon.

Say cheese

If you ring the bell with your beloved...(you can guess what comes after, no?)

The folk tale of tanuki and rabbit

Enjoying the view from the observation deck

We were lucky to have met this sunset view

It's time to go back downhill

Walking down the sakura path

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Spring adventure 2015 - Part 3


Waiting for the train early in the morning

Ring leaders studying itinerary for the day

We started our 3rd day with a sushi feast in Tsuiji fish market. It is the world's biggest seafood market which supplies tonnes of seafood for Tokyo's top restaurants. It is also very popular for maguro (bluefin tuna) auction which starts at dawn. 

It was a busy place full of hustle and bustle. Traffic is quite packed with pedestrians and mini cars for transporting fishes. You better watch your steps and make sure you're out of their way!

Make way for the big car!

There are rows of sushi houses which are next to each other and each had long queues at their entrance. We opted for the one deeper inside the alley, which has lesser queuing people. It feels less crowded as it is the only sushi house at that row of shops.

People are queuing despite the rain

Chefs of Sushi Kang concentrating on making sushi

Fresh sashimi


The kind waitress is gives out recommendation despite our language restriction

Tsukiji is like a food heaven! Different kinds of food and people can be seen. We then stopped at a shop for some king crabs. The crabs are fresh and sweet! The different parts tastes differently, and they are sold at the price of 2000 yen each (about RM30+). 

Scrumptious crab legs and shellfish

Prawns anyone?

Raw sea products 

We ended our feast with sweet strawberries. Strawberries in Japan is definitely different than those grown in Malaysia. They are bigger aaaand sweet! Nyum~

Big, fat, sweet strawberry for dessert

Imperial palace
It is the residence of the Japan's emperor which occupies the site where Edo-jo, the Tokugawa shogun's castle once stood. The park nearby is very pretty, I wish we had time for a picnic there. It is peaceful, I would recommend a picnic with friends and family.

Pretty park for picnic on the way to the Imperial palace from the station

The Imperial palace from afar

Snapping pictures from outside the palace 

A park nearby lined with blossoming sakura

It is the centre of Tokyo's otaku subculture, and is also known as the Electric Town. You might be able to get electronics at a cheaper price, but that would need a lot of surveying. 

A sunny day in Akihabara

Gundam in display

It homes the Tokyo's oldest attraction, the centuries-old temple Sensoji. Just across the river is the city's newest Tokyo Sky Tree. Asakusa jinja was built in honour of the brothers who discovered the Kanon statue that inspired the construction of Senso-ji.


Inside is a street of souvenir shops

Who needs a mask?

Tokyo Skytree from afar

A snap while waiting for the lights

I promised my ex-classmate to meet for dinner in Roppongi

I love meat~

Grill 'em baby!

Cheesecake dessert for a treat from my friend

We walked around to see Sakura at night. Too bad the pretty lamps are already turned off