Saturday, 18 April 2015

Kembara di bumi sakura


Presenting my collection of Sakura! haha
Taken with my mirrorrless Sony alpha 6000 wohoo~

Ueno Park, Tokyo
It was chilly, but also peaceful. I would not mind sitting there for hours as long as I have food and hot tea with me lol

Yoyogi Park
Have a stroll in the morning in the park in the nice weather. The feeling is indescribable

A park nearby the Imperial palace
I definitely would suggest for a picnic at this park. It is an area where the city and nature meets.

Around Tokyo
Sakura trees are almost everywhere. A snap of here and there while walking down the street

Kawaguchiko is one of the five lakes famous for viewing Mount Fuji. The view is majestic! Subhanallah
The weather on our first day was very nice, and we had a fair dose of Mount Fuji view that evening. I had plans for my photography session with Mount Fuji, but the rain and heavy mist has hidden my model. 
Despite the rain on our second day, we still had an outing to enjoy the scenery. Gosh, the temperature was 4 degree celcius. With the rain and wind factor, the real feel is 1 degree celcius! Brrrr... My fingers were freezing while capturing the scenery through my lens.

A sight near the Kawaguchiko station

Mount Fuji with snow topping plus cherry blossoms as a bonus

Mount Fuji reflection in the lake

They have sakura in their lawns. How nice!

Walking down this road is a bliss 

Dripping wet Sakura from the rain

Misty Fujikawaguchiko

It is supposed to be a spring festival here. But due to the rain and cold weather, not many stalls are open

It was already noon, but the mist is still heavy

My fingers were frozen trying to capture this

This part of the lake is superb for a majestic Fuji view. Too bad the mist was too heavy


  1. Would like to go too but incoming baby didn't permit! insyaAllah it'll be our turn in November this year (I think it's fall season, similar weather).

    1. Autumn is a good time to see should be pretty