Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Spring adventure 2015 - Part 3


Waiting for the train early in the morning

Ring leaders studying itinerary for the day

We started our 3rd day with a sushi feast in Tsuiji fish market. It is the world's biggest seafood market which supplies tonnes of seafood for Tokyo's top restaurants. It is also very popular for maguro (bluefin tuna) auction which starts at dawn. 

It was a busy place full of hustle and bustle. Traffic is quite packed with pedestrians and mini cars for transporting fishes. You better watch your steps and make sure you're out of their way!

Make way for the big car!

There are rows of sushi houses which are next to each other and each had long queues at their entrance. We opted for the one deeper inside the alley, which has lesser queuing people. It feels less crowded as it is the only sushi house at that row of shops.

People are queuing despite the rain

Chefs of Sushi Kang concentrating on making sushi

Fresh sashimi


The kind waitress is gives out recommendation despite our language restriction

Tsukiji is like a food heaven! Different kinds of food and people can be seen. We then stopped at a shop for some king crabs. The crabs are fresh and sweet! The different parts tastes differently, and they are sold at the price of 2000 yen each (about RM30+). 

Scrumptious crab legs and shellfish

Prawns anyone?

Raw sea products 

We ended our feast with sweet strawberries. Strawberries in Japan is definitely different than those grown in Malaysia. They are bigger aaaand sweet! Nyum~

Big, fat, sweet strawberry for dessert

Imperial palace
It is the residence of the Japan's emperor which occupies the site where Edo-jo, the Tokugawa shogun's castle once stood. The park nearby is very pretty, I wish we had time for a picnic there. It is peaceful, I would recommend a picnic with friends and family.

Pretty park for picnic on the way to the Imperial palace from the station

The Imperial palace from afar

Snapping pictures from outside the palace 

A park nearby lined with blossoming sakura

It is the centre of Tokyo's otaku subculture, and is also known as the Electric Town. You might be able to get electronics at a cheaper price, but that would need a lot of surveying. 

A sunny day in Akihabara

Gundam in display

It homes the Tokyo's oldest attraction, the centuries-old temple Sensoji. Just across the river is the city's newest Tokyo Sky Tree. Asakusa jinja was built in honour of the brothers who discovered the Kanon statue that inspired the construction of Senso-ji.


Inside is a street of souvenir shops

Who needs a mask?

Tokyo Skytree from afar

A snap while waiting for the lights

I promised my ex-classmate to meet for dinner in Roppongi

I love meat~

Grill 'em baby!

Cheesecake dessert for a treat from my friend

We walked around to see Sakura at night. Too bad the pretty lamps are already turned off

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Spring adventure 2015 - Part 2

Starting the 2nd day of our journey

Continuing our journey on day 2, we head to Yoyogi Park for another sakura viewing session. It was about 15 minutes walk from our lodging. It was a clear day and the weather is nice, though quite chilly. We noticed that the Japanese would bow in front of the shrine gate once the passed it. The park is very nice for a stroll and picnics.

Shrine gate of Yoyogi Park

Sakura is still in blossom in Yoyogi Park

It is Tokyo's grand Shinto shrine dedicated to the Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. It was rebuilt in 1958 after it was destriyed in the World War II air raids. Towering torii (gates) marked the entrance to the shrine and sacred space. The largest gate stands 12m high, made of 1500-year-old Taiwanese Cypress.

In front of the main shrine

The largest shrine gate is still very sturdy

It is a shopping alley in Harajuku where aspiring goths, lolitas, and punks come to shop. We went there for some window shopping and a quick bite of crepe. Apparently the street was lined with a number of crepe shops. My favourite pick is the simplest chocolate and almond crepe. The crepe is really warm and delicious, especially in the chilly weather. What a pity, I should have bought another one. We also tried the Purikura, the Japanese style photobooth which produces cutely edited sticker pictures. Anyone can look like an anime character! 

Dozens of selections of crepe

Harajuku station can be reached by foot from the Meiji jingu

Our next destination is Shibuya, which is very popular with the Shibuya crossing. It often starred in the Japanese drama and anime. We crossed the crossing for several times for some photographs. It is quite fun to note that people who came for pictures are very prominent as they would usually have their cameras in the air to capture the moment.

Malaysians spotted in Shibuya crossing

Tower Records is the largest record store with an extensive collection of everything. It was 5 storeys high with divided sections, and you can always have some snacks at the cafe in the 3rd floor. Apparently Tower Records Japan became independent just before the American chain went bankrupt.

A very prominent signboard even from afar

Anime? Just name it. They have it all

That day, we had lunch at Genki Sushi. It's a self service sushi house with an english menu. It is ironic though that the trademark is of a grumpy face when genki actually means good mood. haha.

Entrance of Genki Sushi. See the grumpy face? 

*saliva drooling

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Kembara di bumi sakura


Presenting my collection of Sakura! haha
Taken with my mirrorrless Sony alpha 6000 wohoo~

Ueno Park, Tokyo
It was chilly, but also peaceful. I would not mind sitting there for hours as long as I have food and hot tea with me lol

Yoyogi Park
Have a stroll in the morning in the park in the nice weather. The feeling is indescribable

A park nearby the Imperial palace
I definitely would suggest for a picnic at this park. It is an area where the city and nature meets.

Around Tokyo
Sakura trees are almost everywhere. A snap of here and there while walking down the street

Kawaguchiko is one of the five lakes famous for viewing Mount Fuji. The view is majestic! Subhanallah
The weather on our first day was very nice, and we had a fair dose of Mount Fuji view that evening. I had plans for my photography session with Mount Fuji, but the rain and heavy mist has hidden my model. 
Despite the rain on our second day, we still had an outing to enjoy the scenery. Gosh, the temperature was 4 degree celcius. With the rain and wind factor, the real feel is 1 degree celcius! Brrrr... My fingers were freezing while capturing the scenery through my lens.

A sight near the Kawaguchiko station

Mount Fuji with snow topping plus cherry blossoms as a bonus

Mount Fuji reflection in the lake

They have sakura in their lawns. How nice!

Walking down this road is a bliss 

Dripping wet Sakura from the rain

Misty Fujikawaguchiko

It is supposed to be a spring festival here. But due to the rain and cold weather, not many stalls are open

It was already noon, but the mist is still heavy

My fingers were frozen trying to capture this

This part of the lake is superb for a majestic Fuji view. Too bad the mist was too heavy