Sunday, 25 May 2014

1st Alumni Meeting, Port Dickson, and mini reunion


1st Annual Grand Meeting for Medical Alumni Association of USIM on 23rd-24th May 2014. Located at Akar Beach Resort, Port Dickson.

It's my new 21MP phone camera, yo!

It's been a long time since I wrote, just discovered that some of the keys on my keyboard can't be used. Damn! Maybe it's time for a new lappy

Alumni members and family with Vice Chancellor, Dato' Asin

Congratulations and thank you to the organizing committee for their hard work. Congratulations to the newly elected committee members, may our association's planning goes well.

Other than that, scroll down for more pictures of the 3rd batch's mini reunion. 

1. Our little trip to the Ostrich farm

Perhaps the junior housemen were seeking for solace and rejuvenating with nature

Let's feed the goats

Cubaan Faein untuk membuli ostrich yang jauh lebih tinggi

Traveling mates from Ampang
p/s thanks kak aisyah, photographer berbakat nih

Jangan gigit jari cema!

Suka hati nampaknya faein

I see cracks on the egg, Sap overweight kot

Faein's choice for new pet, Candidate #1

Kak Aisyah pun nak jugak?

Mus'ab wants an  ostrich

Faein's choice for new pet, Candidate #2

Sap and Izyan looks interested for a new snake pet 

Rabbits anyone?

Soleh is not really into furry animals

Faein and Cema highly recommends the snake for a pet

2. Let's meet and snap, snap, snap

Let's have more people attending next time, shall we?

Cheeky Sap jr

 3. Let's not forget the beach, people!

Selfie time!

 Say cheese!

Highly anticipated new nasyid group, debuting soon

We had a good time!