Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Pasca Peperiksaan Profesional


Post exam, we had a small tour before counting days for parting ways. We went to the Petronas Twin Tower for some sight-seeing in KL. It costs RM 25 for Malaysian and RM 75 for those who doesn't possess Mykad. It was a guided tour and I had fun. 

What we did today was sight-seeing at Petronas Twin Tower, Iftar at Suria KLCC, Tarawih at Masjid Assyakirin, and Ngeteh at Chatime. And I managed to grab some books at Kinokuniya. 

Here goes another pictorial post.

At the entrance

Colour-coded visitor's pass for everyone

Infant's pass for Hanani

Hanani thinks her papa is amusing

Happy faces and Hanani decided to pose differently

On the Twin Tower bridge at level 41; 170 m high from the streets

"Wait for me!"

Let's recall the information given by the tour guides

Dancing fountain from above

Yed and her self-camera

Faein, Alia and Nadia are enjoying the view

This is the Twin Tower Bridge that might sway if the wind is strong enough

The sun is almost setting

Moving on to the 86th level

We went to the Sky Bridge, hurray!

More KL view from the 86th floor

I wonder what they were looking at

One can never separate Yed from Instagram

Show your ticket and you'll get to know more about the Twin Tower

We are over the cloud nine~

Tourist mode: I love bookmarks for my souvenir!

Iftar at Suria KLCC

This is what I call a wholesome meal *wink2

Ngeteh at Chatime. The hot tea is nice.

New books for me!

My all -time favourite Sherlock Holmes, my new favourite hero Artemis Fowl, and the rising hero, Percy Jackson. I was almost skipping and hopping around out of happiness. Too bad I haven't met anyone offline who has the same interest.

So, that's about it people. I'll be uploading more pictures on facebook since the pictures are adorable! I'll start posting about graduation dinner and go down the memory lane of my medical student life once I'm back at home. 

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