Sunday, 1 December 2013

It's the C-day! Congratulations!


It was a fine saturday, tapi sampai ke Stadium Nilai dengan muka sembab. Well, at least I wasn't on the night shift the day before. Seronok jumpa kawan-kawan. Sembang-sembang, tukar-tukar cerita, bagi semangat pada sesama sendiri.

Kalau dapat bergambar dengan lecturers tentu lebih seronok.

Let's keep these happy faces throughout the rest of our journey


I just can't get enough looking through the convocation pics. Maybe I missed you guys a little bit too much, that I went through the old pictures of us.

Down the memory lane

This is just too cool! Credit to Dr Rahman. 

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Selamat Bertugas Kawan-Kawan


40 of us had safely completed the Program Transformasi Minda course and are getting ready to report for work this Monday. The rest will be joining us later.

The title says it all. Best wishes and good luck to all my friends! May we be the pride of our ummah.

The whole batch: 53 of us

16 in Terengganu

12 in Perak

12 in Kuala Lumpur

The 4 sentenced song


This is one of my favourite song. The combination of electric guitar and the live orchestra is just too cool. It's kinda interesting since it has only 4 sentences, yet meaningful.

I hear your voice
I hear your voice

I hear your voice
I hear your voice

Even though I try not for the life of me to hear it
Even though I try not for the life of me to hear it

I hear your voice
I hear your voice

Even though I try not for the life of me to hear it
Even though I try not for the life of me to hear it

I hear your voice
I hear your voice

Even though I try not for the life of me to hear it
Even though I try not for the life of me to hear it

I hear your voice
I hear your voice

Your voice
Your voice

I hear your voice

Your voice
Your voice

I hear your voice

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Say No to Smoking - Let's educate the children, not the hopeless adults

It has been long since I last posted.

When I first saw this, I thought it was funny since it's too cute to relay some serious messages. It's a short song telling people why people should not smoke. What interest me is that though it is only about a minute long, the important messages are there. 
  1. Don't smoke since passive smoking is harmful to people around you (I especially pity the children)
  2. The foul breath smell is annoying (Oooh, how I hate people with smell of cigarette)
  3. The smoke is harmful to your lungs (Yes, people don't die immediately after one cigarette stick but it's a risk factor for medical conditions)

So, watching this smoke-free campaign song makes me ponder about smoking prevention in our community. We do know that cigarette smoking is somewhat an addiction and it takes great determination to stop smoking. It has been said that our stop-smoking campaign is nearly a failure since people who smoke couldn't really care less. They know the consequences but they simply choose to ignore. 

Hence, I've been thinking that such campaigns should not be directed too people who has been smoking. Our target should be the young ones who later would replace the current adults in the community. Then, it make sense to me why the song is fun, and was actually aired in a music programme. I don't know if that is their true intention, but I think the idea is not bad at all. We do know that kids have some tendency towards songs and singing. So why don't we use it towards our advantage? 

What's your say?

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Pasca Peperiksaan Profesional


Post exam, we had a small tour before counting days for parting ways. We went to the Petronas Twin Tower for some sight-seeing in KL. It costs RM 25 for Malaysian and RM 75 for those who doesn't possess Mykad. It was a guided tour and I had fun. 

What we did today was sight-seeing at Petronas Twin Tower, Iftar at Suria KLCC, Tarawih at Masjid Assyakirin, and Ngeteh at Chatime. And I managed to grab some books at Kinokuniya. 

Here goes another pictorial post.

At the entrance

Colour-coded visitor's pass for everyone

Infant's pass for Hanani

Hanani thinks her papa is amusing

Happy faces and Hanani decided to pose differently

On the Twin Tower bridge at level 41; 170 m high from the streets

"Wait for me!"

Let's recall the information given by the tour guides

Dancing fountain from above

Yed and her self-camera

Faein, Alia and Nadia are enjoying the view

This is the Twin Tower Bridge that might sway if the wind is strong enough

The sun is almost setting

Moving on to the 86th level

We went to the Sky Bridge, hurray!

More KL view from the 86th floor

I wonder what they were looking at

One can never separate Yed from Instagram

Show your ticket and you'll get to know more about the Twin Tower

We are over the cloud nine~

Tourist mode: I love bookmarks for my souvenir!

Iftar at Suria KLCC

This is what I call a wholesome meal *wink2

Ngeteh at Chatime. The hot tea is nice.

New books for me!

My all -time favourite Sherlock Holmes, my new favourite hero Artemis Fowl, and the rising hero, Percy Jackson. I was almost skipping and hopping around out of happiness. Too bad I haven't met anyone offline who has the same interest.

So, that's about it people. I'll be uploading more pictures on facebook since the pictures are adorable! I'll start posting about graduation dinner and go down the memory lane of my medical student life once I'm back at home. 

Friday, 19 July 2013

MBBS 2013 - It's finally the end of the road


Alhamdulillah, we have passed the 1st week of Ramadhan. May this Ramadan be better than the previous ones. With the official announcement of the Final Professional Exam result by our beloved dean, we are now the 3rd batch MBBS of USIM. This journey has ended, but another new journey with new challenges awaits. May we bring glory to our university and become the pride of our lecturers as competent Muslim doctors. 

Can you distinguish our lecturers among us students?

It had been 7 years since we started this journey. The time spent together was great, but it was not an easy path either. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears were shed along the journey. It was a journey full of ups and downs, and there were times where we thought about giving up. Alhamdulillah, finally for 50 of us, our journey as medical students has ended. For the rest, they are great people with strong will and they will be joining us in 6 months' time. I would like to express my gratitude to all my friends, housemates, seniors, and lecturers for their endless support. And of course, my parents and family members who had been very understanding and supportive.

I survived without a study group! Hurrah! But *cough of course, with the help of my supportive classmates. I'm grateful. But still, Farah Diyana we did it! Yeay~

It was nice knowing you all. I bet I won't met anyone like you guys anywhere

There is one advice that I hold on tight to help me keep on moving. "Just do whatever that works for you, even though your way is a little different" I tried to recall, but I can't seem to remember who said that. I thank you whoever you are for telling me that, as having a different way of studying and degree of coping up sure is stressful.

My err..Wonderwalls? I need all these to survive, people.

Now it's time to pack our stuffs and bid goodbye to the hostel. During my 4 years stay at the building, I made few friends with the residents, which helps spicing up my daily life. There's the grocery store owner, a girl who lives on level 2, three brothers who really look alike, few kids who lives on level 5, and yes, a Chinese uncle who is always taking a walk around the area. It's a pity that I never get the chance to know our neighbour next doors.

I'm proud of my collection wohoo~

Thanks Faein, Nadia, and Hani for withstanding me and my antics. Love you all~ 

Thanks Faein for the special Running Man shirt. So, bila kita nak main ni?

Dr Fadzilah kata, " Lepas ni boleh la pegi jalan lagi" Terharu pulak sebab doktor ingat lagi....padahal dah setahun dah...huhu.... Mana tak nye, dah semangat sangat citer kat doktor siap tayang jam beli kat National Museum of Korea. Doktor tak nak ingat pun, terpaksa teringat

So, another go to Korea? My Hangeul has improved =P

Friday, 28 June 2013


Feel like updating. Just sharing a beautiful song sang by great vocals. So, here goes!

Sometimes hit, sometimes miss, it’s always like that
Just do it right tomorrow, it’s just a small mistake
Sometimes bottom, sometimes top, sometimes number 1
Getting 1st place, you can only go down

Your suffering now is a sign of your hard work
Everybody knows you tried
Everybody knows it’s alright

You get some right, you get some wrong
Although tiring there will be days to smile
When you fall down, when you get up
Although tiring, there will be days to smile, eventually a day to smile will come
The past is the past is the past
Previous memories
It’s the past

Everybody wins sometimes
Everybody knows you lose some

You get some right, you get some wrong
Although tiring there will be days to smile
When you fall down, when you get up
Although tiring there will be days to smile,
Eventually a day to smile will come

This is a live performance. The opening piano is captivating. The English pronunciation is spot on.
The high note in the end is just fabulous!!!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Salam Jumaat

Allahumma solli ala saidina muhammad

Monday, 25 March 2013

What happens after Mirwana and Nowseeheart are no longer active


It has been a ve~ry long time since I last blogging. Oh, the composing area is wider! Nice going!

I'm unsure how you would feel about this post, but it's my blog, so be it! [muahahaha]

Back in the early 2000s, nasyid was growing like mushrooms popping up after the rain. Somehow, I enjoy their good songs, but only 2 groups got my attention. Which are obviously Mirwana and Nowseeheart. Mainly its their voices that made me attracted. And believe me, if these two were performing live, the quality is always great! 

Other than that, I loved Mirwana because of their harmony. They are really creative and so I really enjoyed listening to the main vocal as well as the back up voices. Then, they made the acoustic version and rearrangement for Hikmah Kembara. Oooh! I just love those versions!! But the downside to it, I couldn't find any recording or mp3 of them T_T

Then, as for Nowseeheart, their singing are just great! As you listen, you would be wondering if they really are singing live; which they really are! They always exceed expectations.

However, since they are no longer active, I kinda feel lonely. No doubt there's Maher Zain, Irfan Makki, etc. They are are good singer, got nice songs and all, but for me that's all there is to it. Not enough to get my full attention. Keep in mind, I'm not disregarding them! And this is just my personal opinion. Don't bash me for my opinion, people ^_^

Then, the Hallyu wave arrived in Malaysia. When SuJu came to Malaysia somewhere around 2005, I couldn't care less. So what, they are selling music, but I'm not interested. So just let them be. I've always believe that if they are not good or popular enough, they won't reach me. I'm not the kind who go crazy over new things, nor I criticize new things when I don't know them enough to say anything. I mean, which senile people would go talking rubbish about something that they don't even know! Well, if they do then, what a pity because they are disregarding and  making a fool of themselves. -_-"

There are just too many products from Korea. Nice songs are enjoyable, but its' is these two songs below that really captured my attention. They somehow reminded me of great performances of my said favourite group. And their vocals is a HUGE factor. If you really feel the urge of standing against my points, please listen to them first. (",) [provided that you listen without prejudice] and please don't mind the fans ~peace!

The vocal control is just great

Their vocals spoke up for them