Thursday, 12 July 2012

Let's eat in Korea


Many people are curious as to what were we eating in Korea. Here are our lunches and teas. We had our dinners at the hostel as they provided rice. I'm not that good of a story teller, so here goes pictures!

Naengmyun and Kimchee stew in Itaewon

Shrimp burgers and Patbingsu at Lotteria

5-taste tea and ginger tea at Miss Lee's cafe in Insadong

Extra Hot Seafood Risotto and Spicy Kimchee Spaghetti at Mr Pizza

Americano and Cappucino with Lemon Patbingsu at Red Mango

We also had kebab in Namdaemun. My favourite are the risotto and the spaghetti. Why? Because they are HOT & SPICY...hahaha...Naengmyun was spicy but they are cold. It's kinda unique as there were ice cubes inside the bowl. Ooooh...just remembering the taste and pictures are making my mouth waters. In a nutshell, I enjoyed them all!

Iced lemonade under the glaring sun in the hot summer was totally refreshing!

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