Sunday, 29 January 2012

The eventful trip to Kelantan


It had been long since I last wrote anything here. There's nothing much to write, really. But it's kinda boring seeing the old stories each time I visited my own blog. So, I'm actually forcing this story to be written down. Just bear with me in case it's not so interesting and I think my writing skills has become rusty too.

So, the trip to Kelantan begins on Sunday, 22 January and ends on Tuesday, January 24th. During our stay, we tried to be helpful to our hosts but it doesn't seem like we did much. Well, maybe Faein and Nadia did more than I do. On the other hand, I feel like the only thing I do is snapping pictures here and there. But yeah,  as an amateur, and a total beginner on top of that, my experimental shots didn't turn out good. Plus, my pictures of the big day are from the side view as I was trying not to be a hindrance to the hired photographer who is trying to do his work and the relatives who wanted to keep the proof of the happy day. Here goes a series of the not-so-good pictures:

 If I had moved a bit to the left, I would have gotten the full view inside the mirror. Well, I was too afraid to do that in case I accidentally become a photo-bomber in the hired photographer's shot.

Oh, this came out quite good. Haha, but then, so many people in the background.

Yeah, I lack originality. I'm not sure though why people take this kind of shots, but i did it anyway out of curiosity and self-satisfaction (of being able to do what other people could). What an idiot.

Another side-view picture. I managed to capture the right moment and the right emotion. But unfortunately, the wrong camera mode. Tsk, tsk what a shame. 

err..I'm not really sure what I'm trying to achieve here. and the cake is crooked.

 The traffic jam on the way to Pantai Cahaya Bulan. So we decided to give up on the beach and went shopping at the nearby shops.

The effect is different when I focused only on the sky. It looked as if it is almost dusk. Cool huh? cute. But a bit blurry here. A second shot is somewhat impossible. This kid keeps on going here and there

Another failed attempt

We barely know each other. From left: Hani's maternal cousin, Hani's paternal cousin, Hani's university friend, Razan's friend, Hani's school friend. It's kinda sad thinking that I might not see them again in the future. 

And somehow these two kids got comfortable with me and started goofing off with me. Ahh...I miss my cousins

Oh, and yes, I lost my identification card. It was last seen was before boarding the flight to Kota Bharu. Alhamdulillah, I managed to settle the matter within the week and is currently waiting for the new card. It's a good thing that I'm still a student. If it isn't because of that, I would've had to pay RM110 instead of RM60. But I lost the picture of the innocent-looking 17-years-old-me eheh.

Currently I'm eager and excited to attend two more weddings. The nearest is this coming weekend and another one is in March. I hope there won't be any class on that Saturday.  

I pray that we would do well in the coming exam.