Saturday, 9 October 2010



Quite some time passed since I last updated this page. Well, lots of things happened and most important was holiday and raya. If you happen to notice, my blog posts are more when i'm at the hostel, especially when the exam was just around the corner and none when it was holiday.  

picture by aw3rz

The closing day of 3S- Salam, Senyum & Sapa programme was eventful. I had fun (oh, bila mau study ni?). Thanks people! I had my eyes set on the Choral Speaking Competition and Dikir Bersalam. They were hillarious! Watching the performances brought me down the memory lane. It reminded me of US, the 3rd batch. I thought it was just me, but then I found out that I wasn't the only one. It is a pity that a part of us are in Temerloh and another part is in  Ampang. I think we could've took part if we're all in the same place, won't we?

This was one of the earliest project

Initially, I planned to put pictures of us doing performances but there are too many of it. Plus, I don't have the full set of picture with me. Well, maybe next time. We sure did lots of things together. Not just performances, we also had our picnics at the waterfalls and organized programmes together. 

Will there be the next one? 

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