Sunday, 11 April 2010

Dari bumi Jordan


A little bit about our journey. we took off from KLIA at 0255 hrs. We had a transit at Doha, Qatar for 8 hours. what's fun there is that we got breakfast and lunch for free. It was cold over there. after having breakfast, most of us slept in the mosque, while some others window-shopped. the flight from Doha to Amman was about 2 hours. we arrived in Amman at about 5 o'clock in the evening. Then, we headed to Irbid by bus. It took another 2 hours. 

I'm using my host's laptop. there are 3 of them. they are 2nd year students. it's a nice house. but a bit cold inside especially at nights (read: 2-4 degree Celcius at night). we (Izyan and I) will be staying here for a week and move to a 3rd year's house next week as the 2nd years will be having their exam next week.

yesterday, we went to Balad and Bundle, and did a little bit of shopping there. the drivers here are very..em..courteous i would say. even if they are driving fast, they would allow pedestrians to cross the road. so, it is quite safe to cross the roads.

i think that's all for now. i'll continue my story (with pictures) when I get back to Malaysia.


  1. salam syairah..
    kt jordan ke skrng??
    waaaaa bess nyer.. dpt pluang g sane..
    take care tau..

  2. Tapi kalau pedestrian dilanggar, kemungkinan salah pedastrian sendiri.

    Have fun di negara orang.