Wednesday, 31 March 2010

si jimbawee 2


It has been about a week after the 2nd Professional Exam. That weekend, everybody went back to their hometown. I went back to my 2nd hometown, Gombak...hehehe. my cousin, Kak Yan was engaged. While helping out a bit here and there, Jimbawee the Atok's cat always appear out of nowhere (err..making sure everything goes accordingly?)  

I think he's one spoiled pet cat. I just feel like posting something tonight...simply because I have no mood for other things. so, here goes

he's tired, I can assure you ; p

he's really tired now

I think he's aware that people are watching him


gaya penat macam apa je

we have to move out of the Residential College on thursday. ugh! I hate the packing part...


  1. still young, he has a long way to go.

  2. he is? I thought he's old already. what's the lifespan of a cat, anyway?