Wednesday, 24 February 2010

riddles - who am i

these are the riddles for the Treasure Hunt competition at the English Gateaway. there are 8 of us, rahimie, baihaqi, faris, qayyum, hani, nadia, ummu, and me. see if you can Get the right person for each. ^_^

By car, by bus, or even by aeroplane,
Travelling is what i enjoy the most.

Bees are busy because they are hardworking,
But my weekends are busy because i'm loving it.

My acquaintances are many,
As i moved houses a lot,
Along the west coast i have been,
But  not yet the east coast.

Lion is fierce,
Dove is kind,
I may look fierce,
But i am very kind.

Den is to lion,
Burrow is to rabbit,
Hive is to bee,
As Pandan Indah is to me.

Barney loves you,
But Pooh loves me.

My hair is curly,
But i am not Reggedy Ann,
My spectacles are nice,
But i am not the Superman.

Hardy Boys, Famous Five, and Sherlock Holmes,
They are my friends since I was a kid,
Tahan and Kinabalu are gorgeous mountains,
But Ledang is the one that lies in front me.

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