Saturday, 9 January 2010

songs and history


we all listen to many kinds of songs. being an avid song listener, there are two reasons for me two like a song. one is the beautiful melody and music arrangement. and two, the lyrics. to me, song lyrics are like riddles. they are written in a way that sometimes different people can interpret them differently.

and now i'm inviting you, my reader to go through this song. the lyrics are quite long that i decided not to have them all in one post.

1924 by Soldiers of Allah
(part one)
The truth about the state
It wasn't always like this
Let us look back in time
History reminds us

One army
One land
One central authority
Crushing the Romans
Persians put in fear
The Ummah like a Lion
No need to shed a tear

When the village was attacked by the kufar
The Khalife heard the sister cry
And prepared for war
Attacking the city
Destroying it from existence

Lesson # 1
Don't ever mess with Muslims

listen to the song
it's a nice song but i'm sorry that i can only provide the link instead of having the video in this post. the linked video is quite interesting though.

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