Saturday, 23 January 2010

1924 - part five

In 1924

Our state was demolished
Hundred years of planning and their plans were accomplished
Kafirs broke our bondage
Contaminated our knowledge

Better listen up
because you won't learn this in college

Beginning of the end
and the divisions began
Step by step they divided our lands

in 1921
Saudi Arabia & Iran

next year Egypt & In 1932 Iraq

In 1945
Jordan, Indonesia, Lebanon & Syria

Two years later
The division of India
the Muslims took a stand
and demanded the ruling of Islam
so they gave them pakistan
but it was only an illusion
a false resolution
far from the solution

In 1948
The Jews establish their Israeli state

In 1901
the kufar went to Sultan Abdull Hamid the II
and offered to pay tremendous amount of money
to the Islamic State for Palestine.

Sultan Abdull Hamid the II replied:
I am not going to give one inch of Palestine to the jews
as Palestine is not mine to give
but it belongs to the Ummah
and Ummah have shed blood to defend this land
but if one day the Islamic State falls apart
then you can have Palestine for free
but as long as I am alive
I would rather have my flesh be cut up
than cut out Palestine from the Muslim land
I will not allow any carving up while we are alive!!!!!

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