Sunday, 19 July 2009

OPKIM 2009

nice pose guys penyokong tarik tali yg penat bersorak sampai hilang suara
terduduk kepenatan
team boling kelapa
jolok, jangan tak jolok
tak lepas peluang panjat pokok manggis
it was fun. too fun that i've lost my words to describe. maybe later when i've got better pictures from arif, i'll let the pictures talk.
what we've done:
  1. visit hospital Melaka
  2. LDK: Muslim doctors surviving in a foreign land
  3. meeting the people of Kg Melekek (very friendly people they are)
  4. health screening session
  5. play tug-of-war aka tarik tali (it was fun)
  6. play futsal (funny!)
  7. menang sorak, hamper tergadai (hahaha)
  8. photography session (this is a must)
  9. petik buah, makan, dan bawak balik (best giler! and now my cough is getting worse)

regardless where we go, the message and the advices given to us are same

  1. study well
  2. be good muslim doctors
  3. help those in need
  4. jgn lupa daratan
as to conclude, it was an enjoyable, meaningful day. i hope that everybody gets optimum benefit from the programme. thanks to everyone who had make it a success.

i have no explanation to why these kids are attached to me

Saturday, 11 July 2009

the 5th semester..part of it

hi there! hmm....err...i...urmm....gah!
Somehow i've lost my words. so, here are some pictures. it might not as good as those captured by the seniors, tapi bolehlah..

microbiology practical session:

the happy glove

blood smear with neutrophils. captured from the microscope
the first health screening:
1st time meeting the public

it's makan time


welcome to Ibnu Sina lecture hall