Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Another Visit To The Historical City

8 years back, our parents brought us to visit the historical places in Malacca. it was fun.there are soooo many places to see. we all know what's there in The Historical City and we only have to walk from one place to another.one day is won't be enough to visit the places, especially if you're appreciating those relics.
one of the museums
(credit to my brother)
semalam, pergi melaka lagi. kali ni malam pulak. sampai dalam pukul 10.ramai jugak orang. cuti2 ni, ramai orang keluar dgn family. mcm kitorang la.malam tu kat tepi sungai melaka ada pameran lampu sempena tahun baru cina.
berlatarbelakang replika beca dan kereta lembu
lepas tu, jalan kaki pergi kat menara taming sari. panjang betul barisan orang nak naik menara tu. kami pun naik jugak...it's not like any typical tower, there's no elevator or stairs.instead, the observation deck that moves up and down, providing the view of the city as it moves.
the observation deck behind
by that time, it was past midnight. on the way back, we stopped near the A'Famosa. the crowd has gone though some people are still there.it's a good opportunity to get a few snaps.
in front of A' Famosa at 0100 hrs
then, we had supper before we go home. this is the kind of holiday our parents always give us. doesn't cost much, but still enjoyable.thanks mom and dad!!
"melawat melaka bererti melawat Malaysia"
-ketua menteri melaka

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