Tuesday, 9 December 2008

royals debate

salam i spent more than a week for the debate..when come to think about it, i don't really know why did i enter the competition..huhu masalah gak.. the experience i had from last year is a big help..i get to know many things about debating..provided that i've just started debating last year. 4 days at iiu, aku macam org xde perasaan..menang ke, kalah ke, aku buat selamba je..kesian kat teammates lain yg excited bila mng..well, the fact is we lost 3 on the 1st day, then won another 3 on the 2nd day..meaning that we won against teams that are more or less at the same level with our team..walaubagaimanapun, it's a record that we won 3..last year,dorang mng 2 je..bangga la jugak.. i believe USIM debating team won't be able to win the trophy if the status quo doesn't change..training method needs to be fixed..instead of last minute training, debaters need continous training plus, keep in track on what's happening around them...only then we'll have equal chance to win. i don't know whether there'll be next year for me..

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