Monday, 13 October 2008

hujung minggu yg sibuk

last weekend was a hectic one..going to open houses and activity of the silat club..apart from studying..haha..i didn't really study last weekend...the fact is i never feel that i've studied well..ever!and now, i'm lost...there are too many things to read with such little time..i don't know what to read when i want to study...wait, i was about to write about last weekend,not about's just that suddenly a friend asked another friend about things she didn't understand in the lecture.. well, the weekend was fact, it was an exciting one...on saturday, my classmates and i went to our tamhidi teachers' houseapart from our friends' house.there were 10 cars going together and it was nice to see the teachers again.i would say that i really enjoy the food especially laksa cooked by Cikgu Fatimah..aahh..i can still remember the feel of joy while eating.honestly, i'm longing to eat it again..i got home at 8.30pm. on sunday, the silat club held a rehlah at sg gabai was fun too. the scene was superb!i really enjoyed my time there..i'm feeling that i fell in love with it..i wanna go there again.. all in all, it was a great weekend..i've enjoyed myself, so now it's time to get to work...and make it hard... p/s:it's kinda funny that the title is in malay language, but it's written in english.. ;p

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