Thursday, 29 August 2013

Say No to Smoking - Let's educate the children, not the hopeless adults

It has been long since I last posted.

When I first saw this, I thought it was funny since it's too cute to relay some serious messages. It's a short song telling people why people should not smoke. What interest me is that though it is only about a minute long, the important messages are there. 
  1. Don't smoke since passive smoking is harmful to people around you (I especially pity the children)
  2. The foul breath smell is annoying (Oooh, how I hate people with smell of cigarette)
  3. The smoke is harmful to your lungs (Yes, people don't die immediately after one cigarette stick but it's a risk factor for medical conditions)

So, watching this smoke-free campaign song makes me ponder about smoking prevention in our community. We do know that cigarette smoking is somewhat an addiction and it takes great determination to stop smoking. It has been said that our stop-smoking campaign is nearly a failure since people who smoke couldn't really care less. They know the consequences but they simply choose to ignore. 

Hence, I've been thinking that such campaigns should not be directed too people who has been smoking. Our target should be the young ones who later would replace the current adults in the community. Then, it make sense to me why the song is fun, and was actually aired in a music programme. I don't know if that is their true intention, but I think the idea is not bad at all. We do know that kids have some tendency towards songs and singing. So why don't we use it towards our advantage? 

What's your say?