Friday, 19 July 2013

MBBS 2013 - It's finally the end of the road


Alhamdulillah, we have passed the 1st week of Ramadhan. May this Ramadan be better than the previous ones. With the official announcement of the Final Professional Exam result by our beloved dean, we are now the 3rd batch MBBS of USIM. This journey has ended, but another new journey with new challenges awaits. May we bring glory to our university and become the pride of our lecturers as competent Muslim doctors. 

Can you distinguish our lecturers among us students?

It had been 7 years since we started this journey. The time spent together was great, but it was not an easy path either. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears were shed along the journey. It was a journey full of ups and downs, and there were times where we thought about giving up. Alhamdulillah, finally for 50 of us, our journey as medical students has ended. For the rest, they are great people with strong will and they will be joining us in 6 months' time. I would like to express my gratitude to all my friends, housemates, seniors, and lecturers for their endless support. And of course, my parents and family members who had been very understanding and supportive.

I survived without a study group! Hurrah! But *cough of course, with the help of my supportive classmates. I'm grateful. But still, Farah Diyana we did it! Yeay~

It was nice knowing you all. I bet I won't met anyone like you guys anywhere

There is one advice that I hold on tight to help me keep on moving. "Just do whatever that works for you, even though your way is a little different" I tried to recall, but I can't seem to remember who said that. I thank you whoever you are for telling me that, as having a different way of studying and degree of coping up sure is stressful.

My err..Wonderwalls? I need all these to survive, people.

Now it's time to pack our stuffs and bid goodbye to the hostel. During my 4 years stay at the building, I made few friends with the residents, which helps spicing up my daily life. There's the grocery store owner, a girl who lives on level 2, three brothers who really look alike, few kids who lives on level 5, and yes, a Chinese uncle who is always taking a walk around the area. It's a pity that I never get the chance to know our neighbour next doors.

I'm proud of my collection wohoo~

Thanks Faein, Nadia, and Hani for withstanding me and my antics. Love you all~ 

Thanks Faein for the special Running Man shirt. So, bila kita nak main ni?

Dr Fadzilah kata, " Lepas ni boleh la pegi jalan lagi" Terharu pulak sebab doktor ingat lagi....padahal dah setahun dah...huhu.... Mana tak nye, dah semangat sangat citer kat doktor siap tayang jam beli kat National Museum of Korea. Doktor tak nak ingat pun, terpaksa teringat

So, another go to Korea? My Hangeul has improved =P

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