Monday, 25 March 2013

What happens after Mirwana and Nowseeheart are no longer active


It has been a ve~ry long time since I last blogging. Oh, the composing area is wider! Nice going!

I'm unsure how you would feel about this post, but it's my blog, so be it! [muahahaha]

Back in the early 2000s, nasyid was growing like mushrooms popping up after the rain. Somehow, I enjoy their good songs, but only 2 groups got my attention. Which are obviously Mirwana and Nowseeheart. Mainly its their voices that made me attracted. And believe me, if these two were performing live, the quality is always great! 

Other than that, I loved Mirwana because of their harmony. They are really creative and so I really enjoyed listening to the main vocal as well as the back up voices. Then, they made the acoustic version and rearrangement for Hikmah Kembara. Oooh! I just love those versions!! But the downside to it, I couldn't find any recording or mp3 of them T_T

Then, as for Nowseeheart, their singing are just great! As you listen, you would be wondering if they really are singing live; which they really are! They always exceed expectations.

However, since they are no longer active, I kinda feel lonely. No doubt there's Maher Zain, Irfan Makki, etc. They are are good singer, got nice songs and all, but for me that's all there is to it. Not enough to get my full attention. Keep in mind, I'm not disregarding them! And this is just my personal opinion. Don't bash me for my opinion, people ^_^

Then, the Hallyu wave arrived in Malaysia. When SuJu came to Malaysia somewhere around 2005, I couldn't care less. So what, they are selling music, but I'm not interested. So just let them be. I've always believe that if they are not good or popular enough, they won't reach me. I'm not the kind who go crazy over new things, nor I criticize new things when I don't know them enough to say anything. I mean, which senile people would go talking rubbish about something that they don't even know! Well, if they do then, what a pity because they are disregarding and  making a fool of themselves. -_-"

There are just too many products from Korea. Nice songs are enjoyable, but its' is these two songs below that really captured my attention. They somehow reminded me of great performances of my said favourite group. And their vocals is a HUGE factor. If you really feel the urge of standing against my points, please listen to them first. (",) [provided that you listen without prejudice] and please don't mind the fans ~peace!

The vocal control is just great

Their vocals spoke up for them

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