Saturday, 30 June 2012

Kembara Musim Panas - Part 1


At Gyeonghui Palace (Running Man Ep71)

We, i.e Nadia and I had a trip to Korea this summer. We stayed there for 6 days; spending our time shopping, walking, and people watching and being watched as they find it weird seeing us covering ourselves up especially in the hot summer.  The weather was hot just like in Malaysia, though at night it was very windy and quite cool. I personally had a good time enjoying the night walks above ground. Yes, I have to emphasize the ABOVE GROUND part as Korea has a veeeeery extensive underground area; subway stations, underground shopping centers, and pedestrian crossings.

In the 6-days time, we went around to the tourist attractions in Seoul city by using the subways and our own two legs...

Day 1
Our flight was at 0100hrs. We arrived at Incheon International Airport (Running Man Ep 33) at around 8 o'clock local time, took an airport limousine bus towards Seoul and arrived at our lodging at 10.30 am. We were lucky that we got to check in earlier than the appointed time. After cleaning up ourselves and  a quick nap, we set out for the summer adventure.

Namsangol Folk Village (Running Man Ep 19)

Iced Lemonade on a very hot day sure is refreshing

Aiming for the N Seoul Tower (the background picture) by foot

Met with Taekwon V(Running man ep 25) on our way up the mountain

Namsan Park at the feet of the mountain 

Ada burung...

The original plan was to take the cable car up and walk down by foot. But we accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up climbing these stairs and more stairs T_T to reach the mountain peak.To sum it up, we actually went for a mountain hike within 8 hours of our arrival. Terer giler, dah la malam tadi tidur kejap je kat dalam plane. Lebih kurang sejam la jugak panjat gunung ni...huh, berpeluh-peluh!

Bird's-eye view of Namsan Park

Akhirnya...sampai pun (Running Man Ep 6)

The long awaited scenery after the long hike

Love Locks at N Seoul Tower. Banyak ooo...

And we got down with a cable car...When we reached down, there were a very long line of people waiting for their turn to go up. Erm, mostly couples I would say.

Day 2
Day 2 were basically the day where we went for a shopping spree. In the morning, we went to Namdaemun market. Most of the goods sold were handmade by the store owners. Cool, huh? There were soo many things on sale. I bought hair clips which were made on-demand, so I had to wait 10 minutes for her to finish up making them.  Rambang mata seyh, jalan kat kedai yang jual accesories.

That evening, we went to another famous shopping area; Dongdaemun. This place is especially famous as a wholesale shopping center. It's a place where you could find the latest fashion in Korea. Name it, handbags, accesories, shoes, clothings, you can have it all! And the best thing is, the retail malls closes only at 0400hrs!!! 

In front of the Dongdaemun (the Great East Gate). Unfortunately, we didn't see the Namdaemun (the Great South Gate

Cheonggyecheon Stream

Dongdaemun at night. There are flocks of people; tourists and locals. be continued

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