Friday, 24 August 2012

Salam Aidilfitri


Since I'm predicting that I would have nothing interesting to post about for the few months ahead, I'm posting about this Aidilfitri.

Here are few pictures of 1 Syawal.

Rajin betul anak dara ni. Untung sape yang kahwin dengan dia...haha

The same-age-cousin-in-pink just started her housemanship in Temerloh Hospital (ada orang dengki kat belakang tu nampaknya)

Echa having fun taking pictures

Mom and Dad

Pak Ngah and Mak Ngah

Pak Lang and Mak Lang

Pak Ndak and Mak Ndak

Halim and his beloved game

Syarah with Akip who has not shown his face for quite some time

Sedap ke Encik Ally?

Hasif with uncle sharul and Nenek Long

This is my big brother

Penat beraya ke?

Orang-orang dapur yang rajin?

Tempat lepak favourite; meja makan

Apa la yang kanak-kanak ni buat

Hantu jembalang tanah? haha

Selamat Hari Raya dari kami sekeluarga. 
Maaf atas segala salah dan silap.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Korea from my lens


Most commonly asked question is best tak pergi Korea? And I will answer Hmmm, best! 
Seoul is different from Kuala Lumpur, so it's absolutely worth going there for a sight-seeing. This is a series of scenery in Korea captured from my camera lens. Ok, not really mine, I borrowed the camera from my sister. Anyway, you get what I mean, right?  

This would be my last post about our Summer Adventure. Hope you like the pictures!

To Incheon International Airport

Namsangol Hanok Village

A view on our way to N Seoul Tower

Namsan Park from above

What a slope - Namsan mountain

Kids and teddy bears in front of Teddy Bear Museum

The gate of Dongdaemun in the middle of the road

People having a stroll along the Cheongyecheon river

A windy night in Dongdaemun

What do you think of this picture? Good enough for a postcard?


Gwanghwamun square at the center of the bustling Seoul

Jang Geun Suk!

A spectacular view of Namsan Mountain from The National Museum 

Pavilion and lake

This was captured in Itaewon. Any comments anyone?

Han river from the Banpo bridge

Community parks along the river

Seoul city

Couple bicycles at Han-gang park 

Rainbow fountain at Banpo Bridge

Banyaknya manusia...

Bank minyak...wohoo!

Outskirts of Seoul

Kincir angin!

Is it a sunset or a sunrise?

Ini bukan iklan Air Asia

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Let's eat in Korea


Many people are curious as to what were we eating in Korea. Here are our lunches and teas. We had our dinners at the hostel as they provided rice. I'm not that good of a story teller, so here goes pictures!

Naengmyun and Kimchee stew in Itaewon

Shrimp burgers and Patbingsu at Lotteria

5-taste tea and ginger tea at Miss Lee's cafe in Insadong

Extra Hot Seafood Risotto and Spicy Kimchee Spaghetti at Mr Pizza

Americano and Cappucino with Lemon Patbingsu at Red Mango

We also had kebab in Namdaemun. My favourite are the risotto and the spaghetti. Why? Because they are HOT & SPICY...hahaha...Naengmyun was spicy but they are cold. It's kinda unique as there were ice cubes inside the bowl. Ooooh...just remembering the taste and pictures are making my mouth waters. In a nutshell, I enjoyed them all!

Iced lemonade under the glaring sun in the hot summer was totally refreshing!