Monday, 13 December 2010

orang pergi kursus kahwin, aku pergi kenduri kahwin


It has been a long time. Idea Scarcity some other factors...hehe

It was my cousin's wedding. The first one among the cousins. Everyone was there and it's fun meeting everyone. Plus, I got a new baju kurung.

Everything was handmade

It was a 2 days event. Well, I couldn't be of much help since I had classes and baby deliveries to conduct (macam la org lain tak boleh buat). I'm sure everyone is exhausted and relieved that everything ended well.

the bride and her groom
(Lepas ni dah kena share Kak Yan dengan Abang Mathir...huhu)  

Family members including us, the cousins were supposed to welcome the guests but the best part was, we get to eat as many as we can. I had 3 meals plus 1 take away. Apart from the Hari Raya, this is a good opportunity to meet and know the distant relatives too.

See, everyone got new clothes

Yesterday was windy but hot. Maybe I should drink more yesterday. Now I'm down with mild cold. (Alasan untuk malas buat kerja...huhu). Ah, it's making me sleepy....zzz... 

Mat Saleh celup ni my cousin, ada yang berminat?

This weekend we're going to Batang Kali, the groom's house. Ooh, weddings are fun! Oh yes, but tiring. But still, it's fun.  So, kenduri Kak Yan dah selamat, I wonder who's next on the list? ;p

Oh, what am I doing writing a blog post when I'm supposed to prepare for the seminar this Friday! (haha...not that I'm sorry)

May Allah bless them both and give them strength through thick and thin